Our Story


We believe that food can change the world. 

We also believe that food WILL change the world. 

By incorporating raw, organic foods into your diet, you create a healthier you, which in turn, is a more capable you. More capable to be happy and promote health and happiness to others. Which, essentially, creates a better world!

Everyday we decide which companies thrive by where we spend our money for food. So if you spend it locally and on organic products, not only are you taking away money from big corporations who don't always use the best farming practices and, most times, threaten our future and way of life by not using sustainable farming practices, but you enrich your local community by supporting local farmers who produce healthy, fresh, and nutrient dense foods. 

Our mission is to build community through education, food accessibility, and by being a model of appropriate land stewardship and sustainable agriculture techniques. 



Thank you for choosing to eat local and organic!